I build websites. I write stories. I create worlds in pixels and paint.
And I dream of innovation.


I've been building things since I was young. Legos, Construx, and Lincoln Logs were only the beginning, and in the nineties, when we passed over the threshold into the digital age, I started building things on computers. Geocities was my gateway drug.

I also grew up with a healthy addiction to comic books, fantasy and scifi, Marvel trading cards, and Saturday morning cartoons. As I grew older, my exposure to these mediums helped to nurture an interest in storytelling. I wanted to write and draw comics, to produce and animate superhero cartoons, write books and screenplays, among other things. Bottom line, I've always wanted to weave stories of my own and share them with the world. To create something special and unique.

The thing is, stories come in a myriad of manifestations, not just narrative and prose. Visual mediums, like the web, can tell stories of their own. Every website, every splash page and social network, is another chapter in a grander codex of our universal mythos. And it is a mythos I want to be a part of.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. — Eleanor Roosevelt

I'm a thinker, a dreamer, an aspiring innovator. I'm a techie, a geek, and a self-professed nerd. I like dragons and swords and sorcery, I imagine a world with an immersive virtual reality internet, and I meet new characters every day in a world of pseudo-cerebral fiction.

I'm not here to sell myself, or make an impression. I'm here for just one reason: to create. To take the seed of an idea, to nurture it, water it, plant it, and grow it into a tangible product, a work of my own imagination. Be it a website, a story, a drawing or a painting, or a poem, in the end I've built something that started out in my mind as a simple idea, and I've brought it into the world as a representation of my own personal fiction.

From Concept

Concept is the Mythology of Things. It is an idea; the smallest of seeds that embeds itself in the frontal lobe, firing synapses across the associative cortex, reaching out with hungry roots that seek to dig in and grow. The idea is the beginning of everything, the heart and core of a work. Concept is King.

To Code

Code is language. Language is the story of a people. Everything I build, every story I weave, is built with code. I build websites in the code of HTML and PHP. I write stories in the code of prose. I construct a concept in the code of mythos.

To Creation

What good is a Concept, or the Code that composes it, if you do not bring it to fruition? Creation is Cosmic Construction, the augmentation of our universal mythology. To create adds relevance, and to be relevant is to be remembered. Creation is Key.

Ubi re vera, "Whereas, in reality".

Hawt era teh pibliositesis?

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is — infinite."
— William Blake