I've been writing ever since I could hold a pencil. From my second grade poems to my college term papers, I've had no shortage of prose to produce.

My love of storytelling began in the 90's when I developed an interest in comic books, superhero cartoons and essentially any form of fantasy and science fiction. I grew up on characters like He-Man and the Ninja Turtles, Spawn and the X-Men; played games like Sonic, Super Mario and Legend of Zelda, and read my share of Cracked Magazine and Choose Your Own Adventure books. A myriad of different mediums, all telling stories through narrative and art... and all planting seeds for my interest in wordsmithing.

I've always enjoyed writing stories and developing characters, and in my youth I started to make crappy little comics on scratch paper. Over the years those characters and story arcs eventually grew into an entire universe, ranging in genres from superhero action-fare to science fiction and fantasy, from detective noir and space opera to alternate history and steampunk. In college, I took a series of screenwriting and filmmaking classes that taught me a lot about dialogue and story structure, which inspired me to update those crappy little comics into a more refined form of narrative with a stronger focus on story, something that I can share with the world. I toyed around with screenwriting for a while, but ultimately found that I had a stronger love of prose, and that eventually led to my endeavoring to write a novel.

My Projects:

My biggest writing project currently is a series of fantasy novels I've been developing for the past several years. Inspired by various fantasy properties (such as A Song of Ice and Fire, The Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons, among others), The Dark Hand Saga is my contribution to the world of high fantasy.

The Dark Hand Saga
A planned series of high fantasy novels.

For fifty years the Kingdom of Murdanor has been locked in a stalemate against the goblins of the Dark Union, a horde of savages from lands across the sea that have waged war on all humanity. At the same time, the Murdani have nurtured a peaceful accord with the benevolent Sal’Indra, an elf-like forest people from the exotic land of Salindar.

While a complacent senate has become embroiled in the apathetic intrigue of Kingdom affairs, a dark force has risen up from within, shrouded in shadow, to stab at the heart of Murdanor and tip the balance of the long stagnant war. With goblins threatening at one threshold and dreadful creatures of legend lurking at another, the time has come for heroes to rise up and defend against the dark hands of the coming doom.

Book I  The Dark Hand Covenant

Volume I

While goblins linger on the fringe across the sea, shadows emerge from the dark places of the earth, heralding an ancient evil that threatens the peoples of Murdanor from within the kingdom.

Volume II

With the kingdom weakened and chaos reigning as war erupts, a rare lunar event draws near, signifying the rise of evil forces that seek to strike at the heart of the kingdom on multiple fronts.

Short Form
Novels and screenplays aren't the only forms of writing that I've dabbled with. I'm also fairly prolific with short form writing, such as poems, essays, and various jottings and verses.

I feel I’ve fought myself at night
Looking toward the sky that’s right
Reaching for the ever-bright
Starlit canopy out of sight
Standing still throughout the day
Wishing I could find my way
Never having my own say
About the stars that fall away
A heart that beats forever red
Pounding inside out my head
Wishing that I would have said
The words you said to make me dead
How I long to turn the page
How I try to act my age
The worm has died upon the stage
Inflicting this my severed rage

The Stars That Fall Away From Me
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti
10 / 07 / 2003

Hawt era teh pibliositesis?

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is — infinite."
— William Blake