Writing Projects

I am a writer of (mostly) fantasy and science fiction and have been writing, plotting, and world-building for more than 20 years.

My largest writing project currently in production is a series of fantasy novels titled The Dark Hand Saga, my contribution to the world of high fantasy. The first book will be published in four volumes, telling the story of the Dark Hand Covenant and the rise of darkness in the New Age of the Kingdom of Murdanor.

I am also a screenwriter with several screenplay drafts in various stages of completion, both original stories and speculative adaptations. I studied filmmaking and screenwriting in college, which informed my understanding of story structure and dialogue and helped to significantly grow my writing skills overall. I have continued to study the craft and advance my writing ability, improving the quality of my prose with the aim of publishing a polished and professional final product.

The Dark Hand Saga
A planned series of high fantasy novels.

For fifty years the Kingdom of Murdanor has been locked in a stalemate against the goblins of the Dark Union, a horde of savages from lands across the sea that have waged war on humanity. At the same time, the Murdani have nurtured a peaceful accord with the benevolent Sal’Indra, an elf-like forest people from the exotic land of Salindar.

While a complacent senate has become embroiled in the apathetic intrigue of Kingdom affairs, a dark force has risen up from within, shrouded in shadow, to stab at the heart of Murdanor and tip the balance of the long stagnant war. With goblins threatening at one threshold and dreadful creatures of legend lurking at another, the time has come for heroes to rise up and defend against the dark hands of the coming doom.

Book I The Dark Hand Covenant

Volume I

Wolves in Wool

While goblins linger on the fringe across the sea, shadows emerge from the dark places of the earth, heralding an ancient evil that threatens the peoples of Murdanor from within the kingdom.

Volume II

Rise of the Covenant

With the kingdom weakened and chaos reigning as war erupts, a rare lunar event draws near, signifying the rise of evil forces that seek to strike at the heart of the kingdom on multiple fronts.

Volume III

Shade of Salindar

As darkness spreads across the fringe of the kingdom, heroes arise to challenge the evils that lurk beyond, seeking out answers to ancient mysteries across the continents.

Volume IV

Covenant Descending

With the elements in disarray and the very forces of nature weakening under the weight of the darkness, disparate heroes must come together to defy the will of gods and monsters.

Followed by...

Book II The Dreamless Offensive

I've been writing ever since I could hold a pencil. From my second grade poems to my college term papers, I've had no shortage of prose to produce.

My love of storytelling began in the 90's with my interest in comic books, superhero cartoons, and fantasy and science fiction novels. I grew up on characters like He-Man and the Ninja Turtles, Spawn and the X-Men; played games like Sonic, Super Mario, Final Fantasy, and Legend of Zelda, and read my share of Cracked Magazine and Choose Your Own Adventure. A myriad of different mediums, all telling stories through narrative and art... and all planting seeds for my love of writing. In my youth I made crappy little comics on scratch paper, and over the years the characters and story arcs I developed eventually grew into an entire universe, ranging in genres from superhero action-fare to science fiction and fantasy, from detective noir and space opera to alternate history and steampunk. In college, I took a series of screenwriting and filmmaking classes that taught me a lot about dialogue and story structure, which inspired me to update those crappy little comics into a more refined form of narrative with a stronger focus on story, something that I can share with the world. I toyed around with screenwriting for a while, but ultimately found that I had a stronger love of prose, and that eventually led to my endeavoring to write a novel.

Short Form

Novels and screenplays aren't my only passions. I'm also fairly prolific with short form writing, such as poems, essays, and various jottings and verses. Here's a pu pu platter of prose.

Starlight Princess
Dreamwatch of Time
The Stars That Fall Away
Untitled (Angels Cross)
Angel Eyes and Starry Skies
In The Clouds
The Path of Heart My Faded Mind Will Cross
Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.
Sudden Sparks
My Shooting Star
Shadow of the Heart

Beautiful rainbows waving
Arcing high on azure sky

Silvery sun rays on satin leaves
Swirling golden hail on high

Whimsical windfalls
Gusting sweet on summer gales

The scent of citrus and sage
Winding through the verdant dales

I spy a lustrous angel's descent
As she sets foot upon the hill

A beauteous maiden of the skies
At the sight of her my heart does fill

Eyes upon my starlight princess
From her castle in the clouds

Lost in her dark hair and hazel eyes
Her beauty knows no bounds

In my arms she lays her head
On the breeze I sing her to sleep

Holding tight to my starry queen
Wishing for her love to keep

Tender kisses on the moon
Making love on auroral tides

At morning light she returns to the sky
Her starry eyes still in my mind

Starlight Princess
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti.

What is this?

There is something inside my head.
Something warm.

I can feel it swelling, spreading throughout my body,
permeating my torso.

It is soaking into my heart now, saturating the very center of my soul with this calming warmth. It makes me feel at peace.

Before long I am completely engulfed by this spreading vapor; this celestial blanket that kindly soothes my aching spirit. The lonely ghost wolf inside me detaches from its bestial vigor and a gentle breeze sweeps over me, displacing my rage.

This savage longing for validation no longer cries out to the emptiness of the unknown sky. My failing mind no longer grasps blindly for acknowledgement in the barren stretches of existence. I once again feel at peace within this fragile shell. I can once again find satisfaction in the blazing blue moon that hovers above, marking my eternal resonance. The insect I was has filtered through the flames, emerging solid and tempered. Soon will I rise, wings to the cross, an angel blood red with actualization. Higher, I ascend, an aeon to the pleroma, a cyclic soulfire emblazening the deepest reservoir of reality.

Look to me, and realize my eternal glory and wisdom when I writhe within the womb of chaos and rebirth into the globe of Situs Terrae, the demiurge, the hand of severity... a true god amongst the stars.

     for I shall rise again.

Dreamwatch of Time
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti.
03 / 28 / 2006

I feel I’ve fought myself at night
Looking toward the sky that’s right
Reaching for the ever-bright
Starlit canopy out of sight
Standing still throughout the day
Wishing I could find my way
Never having my own say
About the stars that fall away
A heart that beats forever red
Pounding inside out my head
Wishing that I would have said
The words you said to make me dead
How I long to turn the page
How I try to act my age
The worm has died upon the stage
Inflicting this my severed rage

The Stars That Fall Away From Me
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti
10 / 07 / 2003

I fear for myself. Myself and those around me.
I fear for my thoughts. My thoughts of those around me.
I know they must hate me, for I am not alike.
But this does not concern me, for I am ascension in blight.
My wings,
the insect,
angels cross,
with in tow I shall take flight.

Untitled (Angels Cross)
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

A pleasant interruption.
The breaking sound of glass.
A rain of dust and diamonds.
Snowing gold and brass.
A bursting stir of activity.
Increased electric flow.
My mind it breaks and wanders.
It slowly starts to grow.
The worm it crawls into my neck
And taps into my spine.
The will I thought was once my own
Is no longer mine.
My limbs they twitch and mangle.
Distorted by the flame.
The fire grows inside me.
Fueled by my pain.
Somewhere deep inside me
My conscience starts to tear.
And suddenly against my will
This Rage begins to flare.

Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

angel eyes and starry skies come burning down upon me
silver rays of ancient days illuminating freely

holding hands on st clair sands with sunny apperception
glowing golden, passion molten, around this misconception

softly seeking, starlight streaking, the grace of your caress
arms embraced, this heart displaced, with affection to confess

cherished tightly, warmth held brightly, forbidden ever after
precious allure, bewitching and pure, lost within your laughter

standing still of my own free will, affectionately captured
silent constraint, and waning restraint, devotedly enraptured

Angel Eyes and Starry Skies
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

sorrowful saints, they march through my mind
caution is quaint, and I am suddenly blind
the cherry is sweet, and tempting to touch
I can feel the heat, as it becomes far too much

a vision of love, as it drifts past my lips
a beauty above, as she comes to eclipse
I reach for her hand, and pull her close to my chest
and just as I planned, to her lips I am pressed

golden fire erupted, the light is all-knowing
heartbeat disrupted, my life’s blood all-glowing
skin against skin, she tests her resolve
embracing we spin, in the clouds we revolve

In The Clouds
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

I scream into the sky, and only hear the echo.
I walk across the sea, and see myself below.
I stumble through the plains, and watch the wheat field grow.
I look down at my chest, and watch my lifestream flow.
She whispers in my ear, but holds another hand.
She laughs when she’s with me, but hugs another man.
She holds my ring in her palm, but wears another band.
She feels my chest but leaves my heart lying in the sand.

The Path of Heart My Faded Mind Will Cross
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

I fade away
I die inside
I lay awake in bed
This dream it comes so suddenly
The fire hits my head
I twist I turn
I fall away
Betrayal leaves me dead
The blood now stains my open eyes
So now I’m seeing red.
I lift my head and grit my teeth
I stare up at the sky
I scream I dream I start to bleed
I curse the blackened night
This thing I see in front of me
Destroys my empty soul
I reach inside and pierce my skin
I bleed and gush and flow.
My face this hate this burning rage
Recycle my own fear
I tear apart my fragile cage
The end of me draws near.
Look aloft above the clouds
You’ll see my angel bright
When up among the azure stars
Behold a precious sight
My life my love my living heart
My wounds they bleed for you
These cracks that lace my fragile skin
Are made by the things you do.
My heart explodes
A crimson light
Rushes from my soul
My limbs unlock
And dissipate
Imploding on the hole.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

ardor coalescing, sudden sparks in my eyes
she dances before me, and I’m mesmerized
sweeping and swaying, her body ethereal
misty and dreamlike, is she truly material?
fleeting and floating, drifting and drowning
a smile upon me when once I was frowning
breathing in darkness, her aura sustains me
when being disparate now only pains me
suddenly sentient, I open my eyes
the movement is mirrored and hypnotized
a ghost stands before me, spectral genteel
was it imagined, was she truly real?
the water pervades and I step into steam
my vision collapses as I fall into dream
the glimmer of iris melts into my mind
and I dive into limbo with nothing to find
what falls upon me as I enter the void
is that same presence I thought was destroyed
that angelic ardor coalesces once more
with my ethereal beauty on the sea floor
her body held gently within arcing arms
consumed and entwined in her sweet charms
never knowing what heaven she was from
only optimistic of what is to come

Sudden Sparks
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

A good day.
      What starts as a grinding stone inside my ear, soon becomes a small, white fire inside my stomach. The match that sparked it kept twisting, and turning, and rotating ever deeper until the wound could no longer close. I needed release. A tourniquet. Something to hold me together. To keep me from falling apart and releasing the deluge. But there was nothing there for me. No one to pull me away. No one to prioritize my actions. No one to draw my affections. And so I let go. My limbs fell away. My torso opened up. My heart twisted, rotated, but did not disengage. It remained in place. In it’s socket. Complete. Solitary. And free.
      A rainbow shone a path across my glass, clearing the fog, dispersing the clouds. Those warm, fleshy clouds. It wrapped around my limbs, induced the bloodflow, and kept them in place. The rainbow red flow that held back the deluge. The stream that held back an ocean. How poetic.
      I may soon fall apart once again. It may be a matter of days. But I must restrain. I have not yet lost my freedom, nor my purity, nor clarity of heart. I have my actions prioritized, but that cannot withhold this fire. Burning white, reflected in my eyes. Smoldering. Soon it may flare again, and I do not possess the humidity to contain it. It will char my frame, engulfing my soul. Dispersing my limbs, and engaging my heart. I must repent. And serve my penance. Invoke the cross, and bear the insect’s wings. My heart may rotate, but must remain. I shall contain.
And whence, the angel’s wings, of the body cross, over legs of stone embossed, when strewn over the molten sea, and held within, remaining free.
      This is the order of the Fading Apparition.

And The Night Was An Eternal White.
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

I feel this fear around my throat sinking to my heart.
It breaks me down, I start to cry, my torso falls apart.
My arms enclose, my legs depart, my stomach shifts about.
This burning bubble in my head promotes my own self-doubt.
I fear my face may soon unfold releasing my old soul.
That blackened husk leaves my heart inside a hollow hole.

The hate I feel becomes my skin, enclosing my wicked form.
I fall, I die, I spiral down. This rage becomes a storm.
I shout your name into the void, in hopes that you’ll emerge.
But all I see is black and red. The pool that I’ve submerged.
I hate my name, this betrayal and pain, I hear this in my mind.
My knees implode upon the floor my teeth begin to grind.


It kills me every night
I want it all to suffocate
My kindness is my blight

I have an angel in my eye. Her beauty calls to me.
I want to live my life with her. My heart’s in entropy.
The love, the passion, the rising fire, the sound of heaven’s bells.
But my heart went cold the hour I heard her in bed with someone else.

This pain has rushed into my skull, engulfing my bleeding mind.
I told myself my weakness was always being kind.
I cross my heart and hope to fall as I step up to the ledge.
I kiss my wrist and pray to god and feel the razors edge.

I fought the urge to kill myself one more time today.
I felt the edge and craved the pain and died another way.
The stone is cold against my skin as I lay upon the ground.
My eyes are bleeding blackened blood, suppressing every sound.
I look to you and ask you why, but you tell me you don’t know.
I’ve gone away again today, again to hell I go.

My heart bleeds this wretched oil, the love she gave was fake.
It hurts to know she never cared, I wish my soul would break.

The Damage To My Soul Inflicted By You
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

Alone outside, by myself, I walked across the night,
When up I looked, upon the sky, my eyes beheld a sight,
A streak as bright as any light had stretched out from afar,
I closed my eyes and made a wish upon my shooting star.

My Shooting Star
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

Darkness inside
He smiles wide
With shadowy hands
In my conscience he hides

My dark mirror
My inner desire
My blood he sours
My heart set afire

He cuts my ties
Loosens the binding
Setting me free
Into chaos I am winding

Dark of my soul
Black thoughts in my head
He pushes me onward
The one I call Dread

Shadow of the Heart
Nicholas Cristo Pasqualetti

Hawt era teh pibliositesis?

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is — infinite."
— William Blake